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Transformation and Vivid Hair Coloring

Includes blow dry and style

Transformation and Vivid Hair Coloring



With Transformating / Vivid colouring, the sky is the limit on the many different looks we can create together. Because of this there can’t be a one-size-fits-all price. Often a vivid appointment requires pre-lightening the hair or removing old colour before applying the fun stuff. Consultations (virtual consults are available) are a must to book this service. 1oz product allotted/hour

Transformation / Colour Correction



When going from light to dark, dark to light, one colour style to another, it often takes more than just a couple steps to get there. Sometimes we can achieve this in one session but often it can take multiple sessions to reach the final look. Things like the health of your hair, what you want vs. where you’re at, cost, length all play a factor in how much we can do to your hair in one session. Because of this I must have an initial consultation with you(virtual consultations are available) to figure out a game plan to get you to your desired result. 1oz product allotted/hour

Extra Product


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